Why Use BMW i Wallbox EV Home Charger

No driving experience and pleasure is possible without charging up your electric car. Charging BMW i electric car battery is no problem with BMW i charger installed at your home.
Of course, BMW i car can be charged with the standard charging cable at a conventional household 240-volt socket. But if you want maximum convenience and fast charging, BMW EVs owners have an option to install the BMW i Wallbox, a charging box developed specifically for home use. It can be mounted on the wall of any house and garage.

What is BMW i Wallbox
BMW i Wallbox is the charging device for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, developed to increase EV charging performance and reduce the charging time. With the wall box, charging your BMW i electric car becomes FAST, EASY, and SAFE. The BMW i Wallbox saves you about 4 hours of charging time and protects from technical risks that may be caused by car charging from a conventional socket.

Obviously, charging electric car at a domestic socket and having it plugged in DAILY for about 8-10 hours can’t be compared to charging a notebook or smartphone. The charging power of the electric car is huge, hence, energy flows needed to charge the car increase the leads temperature, thereby increasing the risk of cable melting or even burning. BMW i wall box prevents electrical system overloading by reducing the charging rate when there are energy consumption peaks at your household.

Take advantage of using BMW i wall box home chargers
– Quick, safe and smart electric car charging
– BMW i Wallbox is available in two variations (BMW i Wallbox Pure and BMW i Wallbox Pro)
– Wall box is installed on the house or garage wall
– Reducing the charging time, saving at least 4 hours per charge
– No risks of charging the car at a domestic socket
– Option to select energy sources to charge from
– BMW i provides wall box delivery and safe installation service
– Safe operation is guaranteed by a 24-month warranty
– You gain maximum charging comfort and can manage your time
– You save your health by ending up battery charging and range anxiety

BMW i Wallbox

BMW i Wallbox Pure and BMW i Wallbox Pro
BMW i Wallbox is available in two variations. The BMW i3 and i8 users can charge electric car quickly, safely and comfortably with BMW i WALLBOX Pure or multifunctional BMW i Wallbox Pro.
Both units have 7.4 kilowatts charging rate. You can charge the BMW i3 to 80% in less than 3 hours using basic BMW i Wallbox Pure. But the BMW i Wallbox Pro can charge the BMW i8 to 80 % in about 2 hours.

BMW i Wallbox Pro delivers more convenient and faster charging than the BMW i Wallbox Pure.
Wallbox Pro is equipped with a 7-inch color display with touch operation. On top of that, the device is produced from eco-friendly materials and comes with the 3.5-metre cable. The screen can save several users and show details on current and previous charging. You can preheat/cool the car during the charging cycle. The energy for that is not provided by battery, thereby increasing your range.

Multifunctional BMW i Wallbox Pro charger allows choosing energy source for charging (for example, home solar system). The Pro variation has a proximity sensor that automatically activates the display as you are approaching. Other features include daily weather report and forecasts, temperature report, frost warnings. By the way, you can use PIN code to protect wall box from unauthorized access.

BMW i Wallbox Remote software allows getting charge data remotely on smartphone or tablet.

Charging Wallbox Installation
The charging station is connected smartly to your electricity supply by qualified technicians from the BMW i. The wall box installation can be adapted to most countries and local electricity infrastructure. However, you should note that installation service depends on country-specific conditions and particular customer’s household situation, power connection, parking space, etc. So the real advantage and efficiency of purchasing and using BMW i Wallbox is determined individually.

BMW i Wallbox Ends Electric Car Range and Charge Anxiety
Range and charging are two common concerns about owning an electric car. Thanks to intelligent wall box charger, owning BMW i3 and i8 becomes much more convenient. You just have to connect the car to the unit by plugging in the charger cable, and the Wallbox will start the car charging automatically based on your personal settings. Car charging done at the comfort of your own home is one of the top advantages customers gain choosing to buy electric car from BMW i.

BMW i Wallbox ends up electric car charging concern and saves customer’s time, and probably, money on energy bill. On top of that, it saves i-car owner health by ending up stress about range and charge! 🙂

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