What Is BMW i

Without a shadow of doubt, for us, BMW devotees, BMW brand cars are amazing. Be it automobile exterior or interior. 

BMW is one of the leading car companies making the best cars ever. It comes as no surprise thereby that this progressive carmaker gave birth to new concept models with plug-in technology, the BMW i!

BMW Project i 

BMW i is a company project, ground-breaking concept and BMW sub-brand, founded to deliver electric cars for driving pleasure in megacities. “Project i” cars are produced using sustainable and recycle materials. Maximum mobility and sustainability are main principles in BMW i concept. The goal of BMW is to use plug-in technology to keep offering high performance cars while reducing CO2 emissions. Lightweight, free from emission and noise, BMW i models are created to reduce air pollutions and power consumption. Designed for people who live in huge cities and crave for urban driving comfort, BMW i concept cars adapt to big city lifestyle and individual driver needs.

BMW i Brand Concept

BMW i Sustainability and Mobility

BMW i concept cars are manufactured to adapt to megacity driving and dynamic environment. Urban mobility and sustainability is a very important aspect of our everyday life, as well as the defining feature of BMW i car technology. The use of energy-efficient materials in car production make BMW i vehicles more mobile, sustainable and lightweight versus petrol or diesel engine cars. 

Safety and protection

Special safety concept was developed for the BMW i, and adapted to specific requirements of the electric vehicle. Passenger cell made of carbon fibre protects the passenger, and the high-voltage battery, disposed between the two components of the drive module. In case of any given situation, a wide range of services and assistance systems of BMW ConnectedDrive application help the driver maintain car control and conveniently manage the driving process (traffic jams, car remote control, charging level, etc).

Using Carbon fibre, natural materials

Carefully selected materials are used throughout BMW i car architecture. Most materials can be recycled or re-used. Natural fibres incorporated into BMW i car interior are sustainable, eco-friendly and safe for the passengers.

Lightweight construction 

At BMW, the developers are very serious about BMW i car construction. A very strong and lightweight fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) which contains carbon fibres is used to build lightweight construction and reduce emissions. The incorporation into car design of aluminium and CFRP increases car electromobility and driving performance. 

BMW eDrive, emission-free driving

BMW eDrive technology is about emission-free driving, which is so important for megacities where transport pollutions are huge. The electrical drive mode combined with lithium-ion high-performance battery make BMW i automobiles ecological and economical. When the car runs on electric power alone, it is 100% locally free of emission. We think, it’s absolutely awesome, and feels like our generation is driving to the future… 

BMW EfficientDynamics

BMW EfficientDynamics is a technology aimed at increasing driving dynamics while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. BMW EfficientDynamics is a combination of maximum efficiency with lightweight construction and reduced power consumption. The company uses EfficientDynamics technology for years and is implementing it in every BMW automobile. It encompasses many components and systems of the car architecture, energy consumption, interior and exterior design. In BMW i models, they use this basic technology to increase car mobility and sustainability. 

Intelligent interior and exterior 

Interior and exterior design of BMW i models is a state of the art. BMW i car design and architecture is not only gorgeous, but also highly efficient and intelligent. It encompasses multiple car interior and exterior parts, from using lithium-ion batteries and eco-materials (natural wood, wool, leather) to exclusive driver assistance systems. BMW Driver Assistance functions/options/systems and head-up display specifically created for BMW i enable monitoring all about BMW i automobile (battery charging level, car remote control, charging process via mobile phone, parking obstacles, warning messages, and many more).

BMW i8 and BMW i3

BMW’s Project i is all about great electric driving for every day. It begins with the development of the all-electric BMW i3, designed for city driving, and the luxurious sports car BMW i8

Just for information, 22,488 BMW i3 and 3,751 BMW i8 models were sold in the U.S through August 2016! 

Wow, in this digital era, it looks like electric cars win thousands hearts. No wonder, as both are amazingly futuristic and unique.

BMW i3

Also called BMW Mega City Vehicle, the BMW i3 is an electric four-door car produced for daily city driving. The creation of BMW i3 made German carmaker the first to use CFRP to develop lightweight car construction and improve energy consumption. BMW i3 is powered by lithium-ion battery and has 3 energy consumption modes: Comfort, Eco Pro, Eco Pro+.  

Besides, as an option, there is a range extender (REx is an expensive option, by the way) powered by a 647 cc two-cylinder petrol/gasoline engine with a 9L fuel tank for European i3 model and 7.2 L for American version that acts as an electric power generator to extend the range when the battery falls to 6%. In 2015, the model ranked as third top selling electric car in the world.

BMW i8

Plug-in hybrid BMW i8 is the i3 follower with enhanced dynamics and energy management. This is a high-tech sports model with a 129bhp electric motor powering the front wheels, a turbocharged 1.5-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine driving rear wheels and lithium-ion battery pack. The i8 supercar is claimed to go 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds using both power sources; top speed 250 km/h. The battery of BMW i8 can be recharged at home using a BMW i Wallbox, or at a public charging station. In the non-electric driving modes, the battery is charging directly by the petrol engine. The driver can choose from Sport, Comfort and Eco PRO drive modes. When run on electric motor alone, the i8 produces 120 km/h top speed, and up to 35 km maximum driving range.

Both BMW i models won prestigious Green Car Award for being environmentally friendly.

According to BMW, i brand car is more than a car, it is an attitude to life. What do you think? If you are a happy or (not so happy) owner of the i3 or i8, we’ll be happy (very happy) to hear from you!

Please leave your questions and comments below. Thank you.

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