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Can automakers make cars that will last 200.000km or more with no issues or did cars really become worse?

Whenever we start a discussion on cars everyone who is 40-45 years says that there were times when cars were made by engineers and not marketing guys and this made cars quality to drop.

Well I am not at that age and do not have long time experience with new older cars like E34 or E46 (even I owned used BMW’s) however my question is still there: can automakers make a car that will work with no issues (ok no major issues) for 200 or even 500.000km?

Why there are companies which give 5 years guarantee and others just 2 or 3?

Do you think they can do better but dont want?

I see for example KIA is giving 5 years while BMW 2 or 3 (in some cases) I always had the impression that if I buy German car it must work longer, last longer since it is German and since it costs more?

What do you think and which car in your experience lasted longer with no major issues?

How would you rate interior car quality of BMW E39 vs E60 and F10 vs G30?

bmw vs tesla

If to compare at the moment of writing this what has bmw to offer to beat tesla model s p100d?

Let’s take main differences:

According to Tesla model S offers a range of: 370 miles (EPA est.)

Tesla offers 4 years guarantee for basic vehicle and 8 years for battery and powetrain

So if you want to go electric and save the planet looks like you have no other choice than Tesla. I am not talking about small range vehicles here.

Tesla is on the market for some time already and Bmw has nothing similar besides i3 which is not in this class.

What were Germans doing all these years? Or they have a secret plan? 🙂 Let Tesla promote e-vehicles and we will come later ready to sell…

What do you think?

The BMW Lifestyle Collections 2019-2021

If you like BMW’s Lifestyle Collections here is a new one.

I will post here the things I like.

BMW Collection Active Sports Bag (04/2019)

BMW Golfsport Collection Golfsport Jacket Men (04/2019).

BMW M Collection Polo Shirt Men (04/2019)

BMW Bikes Urban Hybrid E Bike (04/2019).

What is official name of the BMW T-shirt from the last picture I have no idea, it was just listed in their gallery as the first picture.

If you want to see full collection click here.

BMW may need to rethink how its Reversing Assistant Works

BMW's Reversing Assistant function

This year BMW presented its new feature BMW Reversing Assistant and we saw it on new BMW 3 seres X5, 7 series LCI and I guess step by step it will appear on rest of its models.

What is BMW Reversing Assistant? – it is a function which helps you drive back exactly the same way you drove car forward.

Car remembers its last 50 meters and can drive in reverse exactly the same way you drove it straight for last 50 meters unless the speed of driving forward did not exceed 36 km/h (22 mph).

Here is more official explanation: automated reversing in confined spaces or situations where the driver does not have a clear view, such as multi-story car parks or entrances to courtyards.

Here is what I think BMW must re-think regarding this function: auto-stop in case an obstacle appears.

According to a video I watched yesterday where a guy tested this on new BMW X5 (G05) the car won’t stop if a person suddenly appears out of nowhere.

Now we know that the driver is the one who keeps his foot on pedals but what if a person appears suddenly?

Watch the video and let me know what you think?

If for some reason video starts from beginning then scroll it to minute 25:23.

BMW i Carbon Usage For Car Lightweighting

There is a car engineering strategy, known as “lightweighting”, aimed at developing lightweight structure cars to improve fuel efficiency, dynamics and driving. The lighter the car, the faster it accelerates, the more maneuverable and efficient it is. Using lightweight materials in car building leads to less strain on the engines, reduced fuel consumption and better car handling.
BMW knows that and strives for lightweighting to achieve better performance for its electric cars. To reduce car weight, the German carmaker uses innovative material at car building – the carbon fiber.

The carbon fiber (Carbon fiber reinforced polymer/CFRP, carbon fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic/CFRTP) is a light and highly resilient composite containing the carbon fibres and the matrix of plastic. It is 50% lighter than the steel and 30% lighter than the aluminum, but it is extremely strong and safe for being used in the industries requiring high strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity – aerospace, civil engineering, and, of course, car engineering industry. Continue reading

BMW EfficientDynamics: All You Need For Megacity Driving

Our interest in BMW i models and respect towards company technologies is endless. EfficientDynamics is one of the BMW concepts we absolutely like at Bmwiclub.
BMW EfficientDynamics is incorporated in every BMW i car. Last time we told about innovative BMW eDrive concept, which is one of the core technologies in EfficientDynamics strategy. Now let’s understand the concept behind BMW EfficientDynamics and its major technologies.

Understanding EfficientDynamics Concept
EfficientDynamics is a strategy developed at BMW to reduce car fuel consumption and toxic emissions while increasing dynamics. It is a mix of electromobility systems, efficiency measures and high-tech functions coupled towards improving car energy management, construction, aerodynamics, combustion engines and electric motors. Increased driving performance and reduced power consumption – this is EfficientDynamics from BMW.
Especially clearly the efficient driving concept from BMW is manifested in its electric cars, the i3 and i8, intended for driving in mega cities where car dynamism, lightweight construction, low CO2 emission and sustainable mobility are most needed. Urban driving and vibrant city lifestyle requires from the car optimal combination of efficiency and dynamics, just what the BMW concept is all about. Continue reading

New BMW Cars To Join Soon BMW i Lineup

At Bmwiclub, we are always glad to hear of new BMW models and upgrades to the BMW ‘i’ family. Each forthcoming car from BMW i is highly anticipated and promises new electrifying experiences! Looks like starting from 2017, customers will have more choice than ever. Want to know how long you have to wait for a new i brand model or looking for your current model updates? Check out future BMW i releases, and drop us a line about what you think of the coming developments.

Continue reading

What is What In Electromobility: EV, PHEV, HEV

Looks like our generation is “driving” into the future where emission-free cars will be as a matter of course, and not the piece of luxury. The future where all-electric and plug-in hybrids prevail on the road. The future where everyone knows what is EV, PHEV, HEV, BEV, ER-EV, and takes it for granted. But as for now, electric cars are the matter of “woooooow!”, and a subject for photo shooting by every person going by or driving by on a traditional car.

Most of happy owners of electric autos do not even imagine changing back to a conventional fuel car and traditional driving. But actually, most of average car drivers don’t know much about electric cars and are still fuzzy about electric vehicle types, engines and basic electromobility things.

EV, PHEV, HEV – so what each of them is all about?

Generally, there are all-electric cars (EV), hybrid electric cars (HEV), and plug-in hybrid electric cars (PHEV).

All-electric cars: operate on electricity exclusively; equipped with one or more electric motors for propulsion; use the rechargeable battery packs
Example: all-electric BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S

Hybrid cars: mostly powered by regular internal combustion engine; electric motor starts to operate when extra power is needed; the car can use two propulsion means separately or at the same time; electric engine is converting and storing energy in the battery acting as a generator
Example: BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid – mild hybrid, BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid – full hybrid, Toyota Prius – full hybrid

Plug-in hybrid cars: equipped with the combustion engine and electric motor; mostly powered by electric motor, as a primary source of power; the internal combustion engine acts as the backup; rechargeable battery can be charged by plugging in to a power source
Example: plug-in hybrid BMW i8 Continue reading