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WORLD PREMIERE: The BMW Concept i4 Electric Gran Coupe

Finally stop but that is not final version yet…well BMW presented the Concept i4 Electric Gran Coupe.

Many will say they are late to game but I think they are trying to bring something nicer and better.

Being first does not always mean being best.

May be BMW does not want to play hard in electric game but will provide better alternatives on hydrogen…who knows….

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So let’s get into some technical data:

BMW i4 Electric Gran Coupe Concept DriveTrain and Battery

This is fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology and bmw i4 generates maximum output of up to 390 kW/530 hp, which ranks it alongside a current BMW V8 combustion engine.

New high voltage battery with very slim construction means better energy density.

“It weighs roughly 550 kilograms, has an energy content of around 80 kWh and achieves an operating range of up to 600 km in the WLTP cycle.”

BMW i4 will be assembled in Munich and series production will begin in 2021.

The company is investing a total of around 200 million euros in Plant Munich to bring series production of the BMW i4 to fruition.

Watch BMW i4 photo-gallery below.


The BMW iX3, the BMW i4 and the BMW iNEXT undergo cold testing in the Arctic Circle

After Mercedes and AUDI presented its electric SUV BMW fans are waiting for an answer from BMW.

Even some says BMW is late at the electric SUV party we hope that when they present their new products they will be much better (in range) in comparison with others.

We always expect the best from BMW right? 🙂

So here are some official news.

BMW is testing their new upcoming models: BMW iX3, i4 and iNEXT in the Article Circle.

We know that electric vehicles are afraid of cold temperature (as our phones are) so this is a real problem for those who live in such countries. So testing is very important before bringing products to the market.

The testing area situated at the edge of the Arctic Circle provides the ideal requirements for this purpose. On the icy surfaces of frozen lakes, on snow and in the bitter cold, the electric motors, the high-voltage batteries and the power electronics of BMW eDrive technology as well as the suspension control systems are demonstrating their high level of performance and reliability.


We wish them good luck and eagerly wait to see new cars on sale.

Below are some pictures from testing.

What e-car from BMW are you expecting the most?