Can automakers make cars that will last 200.000km or more with no issues or did cars really become worse?

Whenever we start a discussion on cars everyone who is 40-45 years says that there were times when cars were made by engineers and not marketing guys and this made cars quality to drop.

Well I am not at that age and do not have long time experience with new older cars like E34 or E46 (even I owned used BMW’s) however my question is still there: can automakers make a car that will work with no issues (ok no major issues) for 200 or even 500.000km?

Why there are companies which give 5 years guarantee and others just 2 or 3?

Do you think they can do better but dont want?

I see for example KIA is giving 5 years while BMW 2 or 3 (in some cases) I always had the impression that if I buy German car it must work longer, last longer since it is German and since it costs more?

What do you think and which car in your experience lasted longer with no major issues?

How would you rate interior car quality of BMW E39 vs E60 and F10 vs G30?

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