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So here I have uploaded a video about using BMW i8 app. You can cool or warm your car just using the app from the house. You can use the map and view where are the charging stations or where is your car located. Here you can find out more about the app that can be installed on iPhone or Android.

2 thoughts on “BMW i8 iPhone or Android

  1. Toni

    Hi, I’m the happy owner of a BMW i3. I live in Belgium.
    Since you had the chance to interview a BMW employee about the app, here’s a question I couldn’t find an answer yet :
    When will the app (Android) be compatible with the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch.
    Back in early 2014, BMW and Samsung advertised their new partnership announcing that the BMW i Remote app would be available for the Galaxy Gear (1st gen).
    Since then, Samsung released new iteration of its smartwatch (Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo) that don’t run on Android anymore, but on Tizen.
    BMW i Facebook team informed me that a new version of the BMW i Remote app (v.1.3) would be released with an updated Samsung Gear compatibility. Though the v1.3 has been released indeed, there is still no possibility to check car status from the Samsung smartwatch.
    Neither Samsung nor BMWi Belgium have an explanation.

    1. Gabby

      I cannot tell you this, because Samsung has no explanation nor BMW i, maybe soon we will get our response. So I hope. I think we should just wait a little bit. Cheers


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