BMW i3 Comes With New Battery & More Driving Range In 2017

Some good news for you, guys, who’s been driving i3 model or consider buying it. BMW reduces electric range anxiety and makes driving experience more enjoyable and…. LONGER.

In case you missed it, BMW packs its i3 model with a bigger lithium-ion battery in 2017! They say the range boosts from 81 up to 114 miles (183 km)!

For customers who do not need extra range, BMW will keep producing smaller battery capacity i3 (60 Ah). However, if the range issue arise, the 60-Ah i3 owners can solve the problem by ordering new 94-Ah pack to increase the range.

2017 i3 car pricing to be announced closer to the launch.

BMW i3 (94 Ah) with more potent battery (33 kWh)

More battery capacity is a huge and much awaited update. Since 2014, this is the first significant refresh BMW gives its i3 model. BMW i and Samsung SDI have produced 94 Ah battery for 2017 i3 car, while current i3 model is equipped with 60 Ah battery.

Now the i3 features new battery with higher energy density cells. Battery capacity increases from 22 kWh to 33 kWh, while battery dimensions remain the same. No surprise that higher density battery is heavier and adds a bit to an overall car weight, but we guess this is not a problem for car performance.

Well, there is a tiny problem anyway. The charging time. As you may expect, higher density battery is charging a slightly longer. While current i3 takes 3.5 hours to charge, 2017 model will take 4.5 hours to charge with a 240-volt socket. At DC Fast Charger, it can be charged to 80% in about 40 min.

The i3 Rex (Range Extender) variant also features higher capacity battery, with a corresponding all-electric range boost to 97 miles (156 km) under EPA cycle, for a total range of 180 miles (290 km).

Additional 2017 BMW i3 Features

New battery of 2017 i3 car is joined with some more improvements to add to car convenience and higher performance.

2017 BMW i3 will be available in a new color, “Protonic Blue”, previously only available in the i8. Plus, BMW offers Capparis White and Fluid Black colors, as well as metallic paintwork colors Mineral Grey, Platinum Silver and Ionic Silver. As to car cabin, the stylish Deka World theme becomes the part of the base interior of the new BMW i3. It comes in a lightweight recycled materials and dark oak wood.

To enhance car convenience, i3 owners are offered to order electric moonroof, which is also a very significant option most i3 owners have been wishing for.

The Universal Garage Door Opener, Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information, Comfort Access are also included in new i3 version.

New BMW i3 is equipped with basic options, including LED Headlights, DC Fast Charging, Automatic climate control, Navigation Business System, BMW Assist and iDrive, RemoteApp functions, Driving Dynamic Control switch, hands-free telephone operation, Park Distance Control.

BMW i3 (94 Ah) defining features include:

  • Higher density battery and longer range up to 114 mile
  • Slightly longer charging time
  • Slight increase in car weight
  • BMW Connected Drive latest version
  • Universal Garage Door Opener
  • Advanced Real-Time Traffic Info
  • Electric moonroof available for ordering for the first time in U.S.
  • New exterior color option “Protonic Blue” (previously only available in i8 plug-in hybrid)
  • New Deka World interior option in Dark Oak wood
  • New compact BMW Home Charger Connect featuring Wi-Fi to allow monitoring the charging status and control it remotely

As to battery life, updated BMW i3 battery has an 8-year or 100,000-mile warranty.

BMW i3 is an electric model with many advantages compared to its “electric rivals” from Tesla, Chevrolet, Nissan. The single big disadvantage with current all-electric i3 is its battery range.

For most current and potential electric car owners range anxiety remains a problem. Range concerns are scaring people away from buying all-electric i3. We think, with the release of new i3 in 2017, BMW will end range anxiety about this model.

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