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On 26 september BMW has launched for sale the new charger for electric cars and plug-in hybrids, I Wallbox Pro. It can be installed as inside as well as outside and it is compatible with the cars of rival marks.

BMW I Wallbox Pro is the second point where the electric cars and plug-in hybrids can be charged that the German company launches. It has a charging speed of 7.4kWh, that means that the Wallbox can charge in less than 3 hours an acumulator of BMW i3 up to 80% of its capacity. To be more universal and to be compatible with other cars it is used an adapter named European Type 2. The clients that order a i Wallbox Pro as an original accessory have the option of Wallbox being installed for free, inside of the garage or outside.

The new charging station of BMW is commanded through tactil screen, it can use the house electricity and can be linked with Smart Home platforms. The diagonal has 7 inch and let’s the owner to look over the charging and to program it as well as his personal settings. With the help of a smartphone that has a BMW I Wallbox Remote aplication, he or she can monitor the settings of the car from distance. A BMW a i Wallbox Pro can have up to 3 users, consumption and settings of each one can be stored, these details can be sent to one person, being posible usage in personal or business purpose .

BMW i8, the super hybrid of BMW Group  that announces a mixed consumption of 2.1 liters in first 100 km, can ride 37 km in 0 emission mode.

BMW i Wallbox Pro can use the energy produced in own system, like an solar or wind installations, existing the possibility of classifying this type of energy against the classic one that can provide the energy not only from renewable sources. The system preferes the energy that comes from renewable sources to another one, as long as it is available. The charging panel has cables of 3.5 meters, that is protected from weather and has a support. BMW i Wallbox Pro is activating automatically when it detects a moving and the cable can be used with one hand. BMW-carport-03

One thought on “BMW i Wallbox Pro

  1. Chris

    I still have this wallbox pro since 2016 but changed the car from BMW i3 2016 to get the latest 2019 i3s.
    Today, charging with this wallbox is limiting to 8A. Can someone tell me why? The wallbox setup is set to 24A for the house and 16A for the max current.
    Any idea welcome.


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